Sunday, 18 November 2012

Salad competition

In my sister college they had Salad competition. There were 4 Nutritious salads made and decorated by 4 groups of medical students. In entire group of medical students my sister group won.
The ingredients which they used to prepare the SALAD was cabbage, beetroot, tomato, curd,corainder leaves for decoration, lemon, onion leaves, carrot, black pepper, salt.

1st Prize

Gandhi ji

Sketch of Gandhi ji is done by my youngest sister. By profession she is a doctor but she has got art. And she also like doing sketch and calligraphy. 

Wednesday, 7 March 2012


On Diwali I had made this sanskar bharati rangoli. In this type of  Rangoli first base is created then over it design is drawn.I have used yellow color in the center and then surrounded it with purple and later on with pink color.while I was making this rangoli I wanted light colour powder in the center but no light color powder was there at home as I have used it another rangoli I made for my friend. To create yellow color what I did was I used turmeric powder mixed with white color.

Radha Krishna

This is my water colour painting on paper when I was in my 8th grade. That time I loved doing painting. and this one I did for my younger sister. I hope you also liked it.

Thank you for visiting.

Colourful Roses on Bed Sheet

Its my fabric painting on bed sheet for my Aunt which I have done long back i.e. 8 years ago.Pic is not so clear I can understand. I loved red roses and my aunt loved pink roses which I have painted.To create this design I just decided to make a big circle on the center of the bed sheet and then started drawing and painting roses. First rose which I started painting is the center one i.e. orange Rose. I will upload better pic of this later. Yeah! it will take time because I have to visit my Aunt's house which is far away.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Mehndi Design

Last year on Diwali I had made this mehndi design on my hand. Peacock was not made properly that I didn’t like it. But then too when darkish brown color came next day. When everyone appreciated I felt better. Will try to make peacock next time. 

Recycling old CD

I had lot of CD's lying at my home. I just used those CD's and made wall hanging. 

Nothing much material was required to make it. As it seems a very simple wall hanging. Yeah it is. To prepare this I have taken 3 CD's Red color paper which was I had cut into circular shape and pasted in center of the CD's. Later on with the Navy Blue Satin Ribbon I made hanging. And at that moment it was looking simply great.

Mirror Wall Hanging

I made this last year using straws and mirror.

Rounded one is mirror and on back of the mirror I have pasted Straws around the mirror which was cut into two pieces with fevicol. Later on small flower was pasted and decorated with stones. Made hanger with the green sation ribbon as green color was in contrast with the straws.  
All my friends loved this piece.