Sunday, 15 September 2013

Beautiful Semi circular purse

This one is made by my sister for me using brown and creame threads. I demanded her that I wanted different look and unique purse for myself. And here it is...I loved the design and colour combination of purse. I hope everyone will like this creation. 

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Saturday, 14 September 2013

My favourite Pink Dress

Hi all, this is my favorite dress designed by my sister. Its 5 year old now but still I love wearing it. the color of the dress is very light baby pink. On plain dress she made white flower designs all over. She used white and golden thread , decorative items such as white stones, shining white stones and also lace on Sleeves. In pic its not clear but in real it looked good.

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Saree designed using lace

I am pleased to showcase beautiful Saree of my sister which was initially a Plain Saree. actually my sister wished to wear simple saree with no so much of fancy designs for Oath ceremony in Medical College. So we decided to buy a simple plain saree, and dark pink another piece of cloth to make lace out of it and along with golden lace. Then one by one saree was stitched with both the laces. Later on the Pallu of Saree was decorated using beads and sequence. It looked fabulous.