Friday, 15 May 2015

Best Out of Waste Plastic bottle

Hi everyone, this summer I went to my cousin’s place at Indore, Madhya Pradesh (India). There I enjoyed staying with my relatives. Always I think to create something nice from nothing i.e. waste in our house. In summer we drink lot of cold drinks, which is not good for health but still we do. Previously also I had created earring holder from waste bottle. This time also thought of making something new. One day was just checking other craft bloggers and I got an idea to make this show piece.

The things required to create this show piece.

Waste Sprite Plastic Bottle


Small colored stones

Thermocol small balls

In first place remove the upper part of bottle which is not required. Then with 1 cm distance cut the upper part of bottle. Also make sure to keep the tip pointed so that you can easily connect the thermocol balls. And after completion to make it more attractive you can either put small colored stones. Or from market you can get artificial Lotus Flower and when placed in center. It looks very nice.

Now tell me my dear viewers how it is by commenting on my post.

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