Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Best Gift Tags Out Of Waste Card

Hi Friends, how are you all doing? I missed posting post in my blogs.

Last week when I was cleaning my Book rack. I found some old greeting card. In my mind already I thought  will make something out of it. So just tore out the printed one and was going to throw the other part of greeting card which is usually blank from back side. But my mind was saying to me that you are throwing this waste, you are artist you can make some thing from this waste. And after some time I came with idea making gift tags. I myself was satisfied by utilizing these waste and making some thing good out of it.

I think Best out of waste craft is an incredible way to use things which most times go into dustbins. A habit must be generated particularly among children as to how they can use old magazines, news papers, ice cream sticks, greeting cards or even broomsticks to create beautiful and some marvelous crafts. Many things usually get wasted at home.
We all should always try to save paper and especially those left out side pieces. It saves not only the environment but also our money.
Creating new things out of waste is truly very rewarding and is always appreciated.  When you make something extraordinarily beautiful it is even more appreciated. Recycled crafts develop a habit of saving things among children. Not just in children but in elders too. I remember in my childhood how I use to waste colored paper pieces, pencil shaves, ice cream sticks and the list is countless.
But now after creating some craft pieces out of waste material I have started saving. Isn’t it. What you say.

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