Saturday, 14 February 2015

Warli Design

Hello everyone, what’s happening this Valentine. Hey! let me first wish you all HAPPY VALENTINE DAY. How many of you are celebrating this day. A small creation of mine this Valentine for my friend.

From few days I was just thinking of warli designs. Did you know warli design  is a beautiful folk art of Maharashtra, traditionally created by the tribal womens. Tribal people express themselves in vivid styles through paintings which they execute on the walls of their house.

My small creation is executed by simply using the small thermocoal sheet which was just lying at my home. I first painted the background with water color later on I drew Warli Design with pen and then outlined with Black fevicryl color. Yet not shown to anyone. But myself I liked it and hoping the same from my friend as I am gifting her on this valentine. Also hope my viewers would like it.

Thank you for stopping by my site.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Free Hand Drawing on Pink Kurti

Hi again, now I have come with simple free hand drawing.  I have drawn on my Sisters Dress. Wanted something to do her in Pink Kurti as it was looking very simple. Drawing is easy as I just drew the drawing which came in my mind using white chalk. Later on with fabric color I outlined the drawing with Black fevicryl color. In one hour I finished this drawing. I think drawing should be exactly in centre but didn’t come up properly. However every one liked it and thought it’s ready made. But my dear viewers you let me know your feedbacks so that I can improve myself in drawing.

Thank you for stopping by my site.