Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Peacock Painting on dress

Hi everyone, yeah again I have come back with one of my old painting of peacock on blue dress. I had a great desire to draw peacock because in one bird there are lots of colors on it and it looks very pretty. But I was confused which pattern to draw for peacock and so I took suggestion from neighbor Aunties. But did not liked there suggestion. One day suddenly my eye was upon one notebook on which this peacock was printed. I just thought in my mind I will draw this. Later on I drew it with chalk with some changes on it and then painted. And final touch I gave to it by giving white border because it was drawn on dark color dress. When my Aunty (Mousy) saw it she was amazed. My cousin and sister also liked it and every one wore this dress. My neighbor aunty also came to see the dress and she astonished whom I asked suggestions before I draw. She told that she never thought in dark color dress the painting would look nice and she praised me.

Thank you for stopping by my site and encouraging me to come up with new ideas and also to showcase my talent which I did in my past. Again Thanks.